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Dee411 welcomes LeRon L. Barton who is on tour with At the Water Cooler Virtual Book Tours promoting his first title, Straight Dope: A 360 Degree Look Into American Drug Culture. As a site that deals with the downside of life and provides a list of available resources and promotes encouragement and a long lasting relationship with God as steps towards healing. This book is real and relevant and I am pleased to introduce to you its author, LeRon:

About the Author:

LeRon BartonMy name is LeRon L. Barton and I was born in Kansas City, MO in 1978 (totally dating myself – LOL). Like any Midwestern person, I wanted to come to California. Why? Because of the weather and the beaches, duh! After going to school for IT and moving from San Diego to The Bay Area, which I absolutely love, there was a void in my life. I broke down and admitted to myself, I am an artist! All my life I knew that I wanted to be a writer, well a stuntman, then a race car driver (I still want to!), but finally settled on using the power of the written word. I have written poetry, short stories, essays, and two screen plays, but I have always wanted to write a book.

The idea for Straight Dope came because I wanted to create something real and impact–something about which I had knowledge. Where I come from, in my neighborhood, circle of friends, and way of life, drugs have always been around. Instead of taking a judgmental view of the topic, I wanted to have people tell their own story as I listened. I just didn’t want to talk to law enforcement and get this uniform answer on drugs in America, I wanted a well rounded look into drug culture, hence the title, Straight Dope: A 360 Degree Look into American Drug Culture.

This is my first book, but definitely not the last. I hope to continue to release projects that will make people take a step back and listen, learn, and as they say around my way, “Recognize, realize, and analyze.”

About the Book:

Straight DopeStraight Dope is a book that asks the simple question–why are drugs so entrenched in America’s society. Instead of doing the same ol’ rigamarole song and dance and interviewing talking heads and experts, Straight Dope gets to the heart of the matter and talks to the people at ground zero–the drug addicts whose lives revolve around getting high; the criminals who profit off the misery of the addicts; the teachers who deal with children in drug abused homes; the drug counselors who try to balance breaking the addicts’ cycle of addiction while dealing with the bureaucracy of government politics; the legal marijuana growers’ battle against tobacco companies and how to thrive in the growing industry; and the parents’ issue of how they will prepare their children to just say no.

Inspired by the late great Studs Terkel’s many works, Straight Dope is comprised of raw, uncut hard hitting interviews about the participants experiences, thoughts, opinions, and outlook on drug abuse—why or why not drugs should be legal, and how the government is handling the war on drugs.

Removing nearly all of the questions, the interviews are more like monologues, allowing the reader to feel as if the subject is just, “talking,” instead of your standard interview.

In addition to the real life accounts, Straight Dope also contains spoken word pieces compiled of biting social commentary, as well as my own personal reflections comprised of my experiences with drugs.

Buy Now at Amazon.com: Kindle / Paperback

Connect with LeRon via:

Email: info@mainlinepub.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/leron-barton/1/b/2b7

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ninjagaiden78/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MainlineLeRon

Vimeo Channel: https://vimeo.com/channels/mainline

Website: www.mainlinepub.com

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MainlinePub

My Thoughts:

The thing is, rather you hardcore or bottom line guy, you have no choice. You have to carry a gun or have God’s angels looking over you, because somebody’s coming to get you. Matter of fact, guess who the best jackboys are? The police! I’ve been robbed by the police, the DEA, and the FBI! How they get you is when you carry a large amount of cash. They call it search and seizure. You can’t legally prove where you got the cash from. This has happened to me three times.

LeRon’s writing style is a lot like mine, real, engaging, as though you’re talking to someone you know and that quote right there is something real. It’s true that he was writing interviews but as someone who interviews people all the time it is a hard task to give each person their own voice or I should say, make their voice come alive on paper or on the web. LeRon has managed to do that with each interview. I loved me some Gary! He reminds me a lot of my brother, tough and tender at the same time but a wily business man. I felt like I was reading Donald Goines all over again.

How Carolyn saved the money to bail her husband out of jail was ingenious I would never have been that quick on my feet. I’ve gotta give James some props, everyone wouldn’t consider him a success story, however, he was set up to fail from his youth yet he’s still fighting.

Gary, Carolyn and James are just a small sample of the depth and breath of the diversity of the people interviewed and the depth of the stories told. Some shocking in their intensity, some triumphant in their endings–each interviewee telling his/her story in his/her own way with no fear of being judged…for this is and was his/her reality and he/she made the best or worst of it and lived to tell about it.

Any which way we look at it, discussion has been had about the good, the bad and the ugly of the American drug culture and I have learned some stuff. And I believe that is part of what this project was about we are all teachable, no one knows everything. We can learn in the strangest of circumstances, as long as we are breathing there will be teachable moments. Stop sweeping real life issues under the carpet, bring it to the coffee table and let’s talk about it. We might not be able to solve it today, but who knows about tomorrow? I would have given a 5 for the awesome project that this is, however, some more work needs to be done on the editing side.

My Rating:


My Recommendation:

I invite you to grab yourself a copy of the book and join in on the conversation.

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  1. Dee,

    Thank you for the awesome review!!!
    I highly recommend your service and will be using it again in the future.



    Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture available on Amazon.com now!

  2. Enjoyed the interview. I agree that the book is quite good. I have read a sample and look forward to reading the whole thing.

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