DUI–Yes I Did It


When we are young we don’t realize that some of the decisions we are making are not quite sound. We take unnecessary chances that endanger ourselves and those around us. When I first learned how to drive, in New York, mind you, I was teased by my family for being what they called “faithful to my lane.” I would pick the middle lane and stay there until I knew my exit was coming then carefully signal, change to my exit lane and get off the highway.

I was careful for a reason. Driving is not something I do by choice; it’s something I do to prove that I will not be governed by fear or circumstances. I was in two car accidents before I was eleven years old. I escaped unscathed physically, but mentally I was tortured by nightmares, until my only recourse was to learn how to drive to take the power back. Since I was a child at the time, I do not know if either of the two drivers who collided with us or caused us to go off of the road to avoid collision with them were driving under the influence (DUI).

What I do know is that it caused me to be a careful driver, however, in my mind driving under the influence was attributed to drinking and I’m not a drinker. I can’t touch the stuff. I don’t like it, and it certainly doesn’t like me.  However, around age twenty-seven I began to suffer with terrible migraines and was prescribed with medication for it. Again, being a careful person, I read the directions, which stated drive with caution until you are aware of the effects of the drug.  So I did and what do you know? I felt fine! Never better!

Yeah, well, the good old caffeine in said prescription had a nifty effect on me so said careful driver who felt fine did not realize that whenever she happened to have a headache and took her “I feel fine” pills, she was not so faithful to her lane and took corners on two wheels, because, say it with me now—she felt fine!

Had I not had a scary experience late one night when I was thankfully alone in the car and mostly alone on the road, I would probably have kept on driving under the influence. Were I living in Glendale, Arizona, I would probably have needed a glendale dui lawyer

It would have been devastating to me, after the two experiences I had as a child and all the years of vivid, Technicolor nightmares to have been on the other side of the fence having to page through a listing of glendale dui lawyers to find the one that I trusted to be fair to me and to the other side to defend me.

In accidents, no one wins, however the best defense lawyer for me would be the one who understands and puts into practice the notion that money does not replace a life, or cure a hurt, or even really say, “I’m sorry;” however, it is what he or she will work with in all fairness until something else becomes available.

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